I am writing to you to first thank you for the most amazing experience, this was the first time I have ever been to a medium, the experience was very overwhelming , Ingrid was able to get my Zaida (grandfather) who passed away a very long time ago.

The things she told me I was oh my g-d Ingrid knows nothing about me or my family, and I was very impressed. I will definitely go and see her again, she knows what she is doing, you are a star.

- Bev Wener

I came to see Ingrid for a reading and possible contact with my parents who have passed. She made me feel completely comfortable and took the time to make sure I was relaxed. The first word that Ingrid said when she started the reading was my mother's Hebrew name.

Although Ingrid and I have known each other for a few years, we have never discussed my past, so there was no way she could have known anything about my history.

She gave me something, which I had so desperately needed for a long time – confirmation and affirmation that my parents were ok and were looking out for me and quite bit of information that I needed.

I would, without a doubt, recommend Ingrid as a reputable and reliable medium, and I will definitely be seeing her again. She is a remarkable woman with an amazing soul and special spirit.

- Merrin Brown

Working with Ingrid was the most amazing experience.

Working in the corporate business environment is at times draining. I scheduled an appointment with Ingrid and was very nervous as I had never done Reiki before. She was professional and thorough, she made me feel at ease when I got there. She explained the process to me on what I could expect. The therapy was so soothing and relaxing. I felt like a new person energized and full of life again.

She has the most soothing way about her and has a way of calming the soul.Whilst receiving and energizing the mind. I would recommend Ingrid to anyone that is interested in having Reiki done on them.

- Rinat Dequcinis

My hands got burnt during a fire, which resulted in multiple blisters. The pain was unbearable. After a week, there was no signs of improvement. I contacted Ingrid from Inner Essence Holistic Therapies and she did two session of Reiki treatments. The results were incredible! My hands began to itch and they started to heal at a rapid rate.

The results were amazing! I was very impressed with the treatment and would definitely recommend her for any healing required.

- Nadine

I have been doing reiki sessions for just over 2 years now, and have found it has altered my life in a very positive way, I began reiki sessions with Ingrid 6 months ago, as I found her very reasonably priced and I experienced a great connection with her, this kind of healing can be very costly, and very flexible for my busy and rapidly changing schedule. I have been suffering with lower back problems for over 3 years now, and Ingrid suggested trying Jikiden reiki treatment on my lower back, initially I experienced pain and stiffness, however soon followed by relief and ease of pain, I found after 2 sessions that my back had completely released. I have been unable to continue therapy since then to complete the treatment, however I have found when my back does tense up it is not a bad as it was before.

- JS

Not sure what to expect. I went to see Ingrid for Reiki. It was an eye opening experience. She asked me what I expected out of this. Not knowing much about Reiki, all I wanted was to feel human, I was tired and run down. Well after my first session, I already felt like a different person. I had this feeling of happiness and contentment.

I went back for a second session. I was completely blown away. She picks up on our energy and knows exactly what's happening in your body, from blocked sinuses to what you have eaten. She asked what I expected from this next session. This time I needed upliftment. I had a lot of work to complete and needed to be fresh and productive and I was.

I highly recommend Ingrid. She talks to you, listens to you and knows what you need.

- Anonymous

Ingrid is amazing. I went to her for reiki healing. Not that I know much about reiki I do understand the different healing it could offer. Healing of the mind/emotional, body/health and soul/spiritual. After one session with Ingrid my energy levels increased and I must say this woman is amazing. She brought to my attention a past hurt that had never been dealt with and I was forced to confront it. I'm feeling like a weight has been lifted off me and I can continue creating and living with the passion that I love.

- Debbie Da Costa Netto

It was an amazing experience going to Ingrid for Reiki. She described a person she saw in another realm that was confusing as I didn't know who that person was. This was recently cleared up when in another session unrelated to reiki, the connection was made and closure was obtained. This validated Ingrid and I highly recommend her.

- Anonymous

I cannot recommend Ingrid enough. Her warm, kind and caring nature made me feel comfortable, relaxed and very at ease. Before the reiki session I was a mess inside but the minute the session started, I could feel the anxiety lifting. During the session, I received many answers that I was in desperate need of and Ingrid delivered them spot on.

After the session, I was calm and I had an incredible sense of inner peace. Again, I say that I cannot recommend Ingrid enough, she is absolutely amazing at what she does and the way she does it.

- MB

I went to Ingrid for Reiki after I was hi-jacked. She was amazing. She gave me an hour and a half of total dedication. I left feeling lighter and calmer and able to cope. I would definitely go again as life is stressful and I would recommend Ingrid to everyone for Reiki and as she is a social worker, Reiki and Therapy go hand in hand. She has a special gift and loves to help.

- Moira Berkowitz

Dear Ingrid, Thank you for the Reiki treatment that was done on me yesterday.

I had a lovely experience which left my inner being in a tranquil state. I feel light, rejuvenated and ready to begin a new chapter of my life. The reason I made an appoitment for the treatment was mainly for pampering myself on my birthday, little did I know that you would amongst other things convey a message from my deceased mother whom you made me aware of her presence from the beginning of the session. I'm greatful for the experience and I thank you for welcoming me with such kindness.

- Warm Regards, Lerato from Pretoria

Although I was nervous of what to expect in our session, Ingrid immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable. She explained the entire process and was extremely professional and open to questions. I felt incredibly relaxed and receptive and felt like Ingrid was very perceptive and informative. Overall it was an amazing experience and I am looking forward to more sessions.

- Jessica I

Dear Ingrid,

Thank you so much for the Reiki treatment.....after years of anxiety.....stress and severe pain in my neck and sleepless nights I felt so much relief after only one treatment....I had the best night sleep in ages.

I will definitely carry on....thank you so much for your care and compassion.

- Vicky CT

I enjoy receiving Reiki from Ingrid because she not only 'practices' Reiki, but also incorporates a holistic dimension to each session I have with her – it's more than 'just Reiki'. By holistic I refer to her intuitive nature, which guides and inspires the nature of the session and dialogue between Ingrid and me. She is kind and nurturing, and easy to talk to. I would recommend Ingrid if you are looking for more than just someone 'practicing' Reiki.

- Khumo

“I would like to thank Ingrid for her skills, knowledge and expertise in the field of Reiki. I was experiencing very deep emotions which I had difficulty understanding and she assisted me in unpacking them. As a qualified speech and hearing therapist, I thought I was an effective communicator. However I realized that I was failing in communicating my emotions appropriately and this led to some very uncomfortable physical symptoms. I would like to commend her for her insights and the gentle manner in which she supported me through the session. I look forward to more insightful sessions with her on this journey of self healing.”

- (name withheld for professional reasons)

I had been going through a very tough time in my life. My energy was totally depleted and whatever energy I had left, was negative. I was pushing people close to me away. I needed to do something, but I knew that going to a doctor would get me nowhere. I would be told that there is nothing wrong with me, maybe even ended up with a pill of sorts for good measure. A friend of mine suggested reiki therapy.

Being an anaesthetist, and quite scientifically minded, I was a bit sceptical. I was however curious about this alternative healing. Ingrid was amazing, talking me through everything so that my scientific mind could make some sense of it all. She scanned me with her hands, picking up ailments that I did not even mention. She worked with my energy and reiki energy fields.

Afterwards I felt much lighter, and somehow energised to start thinking more positively. I cannot explain it, but it was quite mind blowing. I would definitely recommend this to anybody in need of a new way of healing.

- (Anaesthetist)

Hi Ingrid

I have no way to describe it except to say it felt miraculous. I never expected to walk out of that session feeling as calm and quite frankly exhausted as I did but, I needed that. I knew I was going at 1000 km per hour but had been struggling to connect with my body. I'm so amazed how the pain in my right (shoulder, glute, knee, ankle) lifted – I can still feel a sensation in my shoulder almost as a gentle reminder, but no pain. I am so overwhelmed at how I felt like I had completely surrendered and received healing in return. It's a feeling I will cherish over the next couple of days and weeks until my next session.

Thank you for your healing hands, I'm so grateful.

- (name withheld for professional reasons)

Just a short message to say thank you for the times we spent together. It was a very important part of being able to deal with the passing of my mom.

- (name withheld for professional reasons)

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