The Universe has a peppery sense of humour and way to bring healing opportunities for me

when I least expect it.


Approximately 6 years ago, there was an altercation between me and another instructor (lets

call her Y). This Mr X was the manager of the instructors at the gym and I went to complain

about Y to him because she would finish her class so late that I did not have enough time to

set up and introduce myself to my members (I'm also a fitness instructor among other things.)

Unknowingly to me, Mr X and Miss Y are buddies and shortly after this altercation, my class

was taken away from me without any valid reason nor warning. I was livid at the unfairness

and unethical behaviour of this particular Mr X. A few weeks later, Mr X left his post and

another manager took over his work and I got my class back.


Since this incident, I found the situation very difficult to let go of and day dreamed of hurting

this Mr X as much as I was hurt but never did I put my dreams into action.


I went to a Yoga class this morning expecting the announced instructor to teach. I started

getting ready when I see Mr X was the substitute instructor. So you can now probably imagine

all those negative feelings I experienced when I saw him. He greeted me, so I greeted him

back politely and the class began.


Om.....Om.....Oh how DARE he teach Yoga and pretend he is Spiritual blah blah blah fish



As the class progressed, I made a conscious effort to set my negative feelings aside and

concentrate on the class because after all, I was there for myself. 1.5 hours of twisting myself

into a prezzle and doing handstands (which I think I did pretty well), those feelings began to

dissolve. I enjoyed his class and thanked him. I would most probably go back to doing Mr X's

Yoga classes, however I still feel I have unfinished business with this particular individual.

From a rational side, I understand that Mr X and Miss Y are emotionally immature but my

emotional side is still angry and hard done by. What I've learned from this experience is that I

have the 'emotional muscle' to set aside grievances and do the job required and still be civil

and polite to the person whom I feel has hurt me.


This was a good spiritual growth opportunity and a reason to write this article.

Till next time....Ingrid

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