Ingrid, the founder of Inner Essence Holistic Therapies is a highly qualified, registered Master Reiki practitioner – registered with the Reiki Association of South Africa (RASA), the Jikiden Institute (Japan), the Lighterian Institute LLC (Toucson USA), and Crystal Healing International (CHI).

Ingrid is also a social worker registered with The South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) and the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF).

Inner Essence Holistic Therapies are conveniently situated close to the Linksfield Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa with easy access to both the N3 and M1 highways.

Reiki, Crystal healing and professional counselling take place in a calm, caring, safe, warm, and non judgmental environment, allowing you to relax by switching off and detaching, even if only for a limited time, from the demands of modern, always on, instant gratification life.

You will benefit from Reiki and / or counselling as both help to restore calm, restore equilibrium and instil tranquillity to your life, which we find is generally our clients desired outcome.

Reiki and Crystal healing are done separately to counselling, with the first appointment for both generally taking approximately 1.5 hours. The initial, exploratory appointment consists of a thorough consultation to find out what your most pressing issues are and to determine which healing method - counselling, healing or both - would best suit you and your desired outcome.

Reiki and counselling can and should be used to maintain equilibrium in our lives, and since we humans are dynamic in nature, with our aspirations and our emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual needs constantly changing, it is important to have our needs and current life position reassessed regularly. We  find one should never allow more than a few months to pass between healing and / or counselling sessions. Like a car needs to be serviced and tuned up regularly, so do our bodies, our minds and our spirit need 'healing'. We find healing tends to be the best way to keep ourselves and our lives on track - balanced and tranquil.

While both counselling and Reiki healing MAY make you feel better immediately during or after your first session, neither counselling nor Reiki healing should be seen as a quick fix to every problem, and as such, depending on what you needs are, it is important to understand that both counselling and Reiki healing are likely to take a number or sessions to achieve your desired results (goals)

At Inner Essence Holistic Therapies we offer natural pain relief and relaxation using energy transfer through Reiki, without using any over the counter or prescribed medication. We also support you emotionally through counselling.

A Reiki healing session should NEVER be considered an alternative to a medical assessment and treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. Reiki healing is an ALTERNATIVE method of healing that is COMPLIMENTARY to, and works in conjunction with, the medical field.

While every case differs, at Inner Essence Holistic Therapies we generally recommend counselling should take place a minimum of once a week or at least once every two weeks until you begin to feel lighter, uplifted and empowered with more clarity of and for yourself and your future. Counselling takes place by discussing your concerns with a qualified therapist who can guide you in your journey to find solutions to your life challenges or help to come to terms with a situation where a solution cannot be found.

Reiki is an accumulative energy therapy, thus we recommend having a Reiki session every two weeks - or a minimum of once a month - as the more Reiki you receive, the more energetic, less stressed, less emotional you will feel, and the longer the benefits of each session will last.

Practised correctly, and in the correct circumstances, by a suitably qualified Reiki practitioner, Reiki is an excellent method, and can be effectively used, to help you experience reduced physical pain and also to gain clearer focus and insight into your life.

Contact Ingrid, the founder of Inner Essence Holistic Therapies now on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or + 27 (82) 331 8424 to secure an appointment and experience the life changing benefits of Reiki Healing and / or counselling.

What makes Ingrid different to other healers?

  • University trained (University of South Africa) qualified Social Worker with a four year degree in two majors: 1st Major – Social Work, 2nd Major – Psychology.
  • Alternative / holistically trained in healing and energy transfer through a variety of local master teachers and internationally acclaimed mentors – most being leaders in the field of healing, spirituality and self growth.
  • Various qualifications are internationally recognised and registered in America, Japan and South Africa.
  • Various Reiki modalities to choose from (or a combination thereof) to best suit your needs.
  • A combination of scientifically and alternative / holistic training gives you – our client - the best of both world.  Ingrid is highly knowledgeable in both approaches and is thus able to combine both skills to give you a wholistic treatment experience.

When professional counselling takes place, Reiki is not used. However when a Reiki treatment takes place, Ingrid may utilise her professional counselling skills to better understand your difficulties on a deeper level and also to offer the most appropriate healing method in order to achieve your best possible outcome.


"Where science and metaphysics meet"