Aura, chakra and the difference between Auras and Chakras


An aura is an energy field of 'illuminated' energy that surrounds all living beings, including humans, animals and plants.  An AURA can be seen by people with intuitive powers, either by physically looking at it or through their mind's eye (also knows as 3rd eye situated on the forehead between the physical eyes). Similar to the rainbow, the aura also consists of 7 colours, namely Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue and Indigo.   Scientifically your aura can be measured by a Kirlian photography, which was developed by Semyon Kirlian in the early 1900's. At Inner Essence Holistic Therapies we don't use any sophisticated equipment, we do a simple energy test with dowsing rods to give a real and meaningful demonstration of how your aura and energy fields work and are affected by your thoughts, feelings and environment.

Auras (or energy field) can be, and are, affected and influenced by energies of people or atmospheres surrounding us. For example, when you're having a conversation with another person and this person is constantly complaining, this could negatively impact on your aura, possibly leaving you tired, depleted or down.  Simply think of the 'energy' that you 'feel' when you walk into a room and the entire conversation is about negative topics such as war, crime or politics. If you are aware you can feel your energy becomes depleted, as does your aura which tends to SHRINK.

Your thoughts, attitudes, diet, general health and the people you associate with can, and do, also impact on your aura positively or negatively. That is why it is so important to choose wisely the people you associate with, as well as choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoiding excess of anything and becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings and dialogue you have with yourself and with others, and how your thoughts and dialogue impact your energy, and thus your life.

Since your aura is an energetic field that exudes from your body, it is a great indicator of your general physical, mental and emotional health. Your aura is dynamic and constantly changes according to your mood and general well being.


Chakra (singular) or Chakras (plural) is a Sanskrit phrase that means 'round in shape and moving'. Chakras are seven round and rotating fixed energy points or centres (in physical terms it could be compared to an electric socket) situated in the front and back of our bodies. Each chakra has an associated colour (like the aura) with each chakra and its unique colour pertaining to a different aspect of your life. In order to illustrate, if the chakra is the electric socket in the wall, your awareness would be the plug that gets connected to the socket. When you bring your awareness (a plug connected to a light) and connect it to the the chakra (the socket), a different energy or vibration can be felt – or in our example, the light would ignite and burn bright.

As a qualified and experienced Reiki practitioner, Ingrid would do an assessment of the chakras before a Reiki session  - to determine where, and if, any 'blockages' exist – Ingrid  'energetically' feels for any blockage or blockages around one or more of the seven chakras. This gives an indication of which part of the body - and related emotions - require therapy and healing. For example, when the throat chakra is blocked (normally feels cold and dense to a qualified and experienced Reiki practitioner), it is an indication that the client is not expressing his or her needs and is 'swallowing' a situation because they are either keeping quiet to “keep the peace” or because they are “afraid to speak” up and express what they need or what they don't want.

Our chakra's reflects our current life situation and if or when one is blocked, to a qualified and experienced Reiki practitioner, it will feel icy, dense or nothing at all,  which may indicate there is an imbalance which could benefit from Reiki healing. To a qualified and experienced Reiki practitioner, a healthy chakra will feel warm and fuzzy which indicates health and that the chakra is in good working condition.

The diagram below gives a great visual representation of the layers of aura and their related chakras.


An AURA, also known as an energy field which is found in all living beings - including humans, animals and plants - sometimes becomes fragmented, weighed down or sluggish as a result of living life. A fragmented, weighed down or sluggish Aura can be as a result of, amongst other factors, stress, poor or inappropriate diet, lack of restful sleep,  no or insufficient exercise, trauma, injury, negative attitudes, negative thoughts, destructive thoughts, smoking, indulgent drinking and addiction – in fact any and every thing we do that influences energy – which is EVERYTHING!

The problem with a fragmented or sluggish aura - or energy - is that is leaves the individual feeling ungrounded, split and unable to think and make clear decisions. This may also occur due to past traumas, grief and severe stress.

When a chakra becomes blocked, it does not function well thus manifesting into physical problems and perhaps illness. Before commencing a Reiki healing session, a qualified (and experienced) Reiki practitioner will clear your aura and rebalance your chakras to enable your energy points to function optimally. The qualified and experienced Reiki partitioner will then begin the Reiki treatment by respectfully placing hands on or off different parts of your body and with the intention of 'healing'.

An aura clearing, a chakra balancing and a Reiki treatment can be equated to - or compared with - the mind, body and spirit equivalent of cleaning out an infected and inflamed sore, putting on an anti bacterial ointment and then covering the wound with a adhesive plaster to protect it from further infection and allow it to heal.  For example, a person who tries to keep the peace between him / herself and others by avoiding conflict suppressing him or herself and not making his or her needs and feelings heard, may begin to manifest sores on the tongue or throat. On a physical level, the person may have sores on the tongue (painful and irritated taste bud) because they may have physically bitten their tongue, however, if they didn't, and a sore manifests on the tongue (physical manifestation) every time the person  manifests a sore on the tongue when there is a suppressed emotion or voice in order top avoid conflict, then this is an indication that on a deeper level, the person may be 'biting their tongue' to avoid conflict, thus manifesting an emotional stress into a physical sore.

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