Working With Energy

Within each of us is the life force, that power that enables a plant to grow through concrete or the skin to heal over a wound. Energy is not tangible, yet it can be sensed, perceived & experienced. The systems outlines in this category each deal with energy in different ways, seeing how it’s constantly moving, expanding & contracting, & how this movement influences our state of health.

Reiki is hands-on Healing

“Healing” is a term applied to the practice of channelling energy, where the hands of the practitioner either touch the body or are held a few centimetres away. The practitioner helps increase the amount of energy in the body so that the client is stimulated to release any energy blocks that may be causing physical, emotional, psychological & even spiritual distress.

This is done by the practitioner letting energy move through his or her hands, unimpeded. In a sense, the word “healer” is not quite appropriate, as it is the life force within the patient that does the healing – the practitioner is more of a catalyst or agent for change. Whenever we put our hands on another, such as a sore knee or upset stomach, we are giving energy that will stimulate a relaxed & healed state.

Receiving healing feels wonderful; there’s a sense of being filled with warmth, vibrancy & softness. It can have very beneficial results through releasing physical restrictions & blocks, & it has an immediate calming effect on the mind, helping to put emotional or psychological concerns in a clearer perspective.

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