Are you anxious?
Can't quieten down that annoying chitter chatter in your head which keeps going around in a never ending circle, which possibly prevents you from falling asleep deeply and restfully? 

Imagine pressing the “mute button” on your never ending annoying thoughts which disturbs your sleep?  How wonderful would that feel?

If you can identify with any of his then Access Bars may be the treatment for you!

Access Bars Therapy, also known as “The Bars” is a type of energy healing, suitable for anyone at any age.  As an Access Bars practitioner, Ingrid Pollak has been trained to work with energy centres located on the head. These energy centres are also known as Bars. 

Access bars helps the energy to get unlocked by steady gentle touch to the head (Note: this is not a head massage).  Access bars identifies 32 energy centres (or energy points) on your head, which are naturally connected to each other. Each energy centre relates to a different aspect of your consciousness.

When blockages get released through placing hand positions on specific energy points on the head, blockages gets released, returning the body and mind to a natural equilibrium, calmness and harmony.

Access Bars treatments can be used to assist the release blockages people experience including:

  • Negative or destructive beliefs around Ageing
  • Reducing body anxiety and returning the body to Calm
  • Inter personal Communication
  • Assisting you to gain Control of your life
  • Unblocking one's energy points to increase Creativity
  • Enhancing Healing by bringing the body into balance
  • General improvement in Health
  • Improving one's ability to focus on Hopes and Dreams
  • Increase Power and Connections
  • Instilling a feeling of Kindness and Gratitude
  • Aiding in the Manifestation of one's dreams and hopes
  • Aids to focus on and instilling positive beliefs about Money
  • Allowing one to be at Peace
  • Assisting with being able to better handle Sadness and Joy

Your life could change once you have Access Bars treatments to unblock certain energetic blockages. Access bars treatment helps make energetic space in your life, allowing you to receive more good energy points.

Access Bar treatments are very relaxing, soothing and recharging of your body and mind, bringing overall equilibrium to your entire body – physical and mental - and an overall feeling of tranquillity.

Access Bars treatments is a wonderful energy healing technique, assisting you to change different aspects of your life and making your life easier and more blissful.

Access Bars treatments in conjunction with psychotherapy is an amazing combination in assisting with anxiety, sleeping issues, constant annoying thoughts and more.

Note:  Access Bars is not a medical treatment.  It is energy healing which works well    in conjunction with medical treatment and psychotherapy and not instead of medical treatment and psychotherapy.

"Where science and metaphysics meet"