Have you ever walked into a 'place' such as a building, field, club, stadium – anywhere - and 'something' didn't feel right? It isn't necessarily something you could identify and you most likely never even gave it a second thought. That feeling is most likely 'energy', and quite possibly you have intuitively felt 'it' (the energy) when you walked onto the premises. You may have decided it was not 'for you' because something (the energy) felt uncomfortable. You may never know why it didn't feel right for you but it is possible you may have stumbled upon remaining - residue energy - which 'felt dirty', 'evil' or perhaps 'uncomfortable' and / or 'out of balance?'  Energy that does not feel good to you could be residue energy of any event, a disagreement, criminal or illegal activity, a potential trauma (such as a robbery or murder), abuse (physical abuse or other) or anything that goes against your values, beliefs and norms and conflicts with you at the core, or at a subconscious level. Remember - Every event involves energy.

Positive energy can make us feel euphoric, light, positive and healthy, while negative energy has the opposite effect, possibly causing us to feel low, down, depressed, heavy, negative and ill.

An example of feeling negative energy can be seen in the story of a young woman who attended a function at a night club  a few years ago. She did not drink alcohol, so she was 100% sober and clear minded. She also did not smoke cigarettes or use other substances including recreational drugs. While she was enjoying herself dancing with her friends, she felt, but could not see 'someone' cling on to her back and felt she could not move to the music. Although there was no person literally 'clinging' to her back, she began to feel drained and tired, and when she  arrived home, she began feeling low and tearful and couldn't figure out why she was feeling negative although her life was in order and happy. While it cannot yet be tested scientifically, the feelings of being drained and unsettled can often be caused by negative energy 'attaching' itself to one's being and body.

Certain atmospheres such as clubs, bars, pubs, prisons, hospitals and police stations, and many other public places are more inclined to carry negative energies, especially where people drink alcohol excessively and / or take recreational drugs, become aggressive, lose inhibitions, commit crime or get emotional.

Any event, especially where the 'energy' is or was negative or unsettled or became imbalanced leaves behind a residue of 'uncomfortable' energy which can subconsciously be felt by and influence many people. For example, many people visiting concentration camps or graves from mass genocide often tell of their discomfort when visiting these sites.


Residue energy is positive or negative, depending on the environment, activity and the possible 'emotion' that was linked to that activity, when certain events occur or occurred.


To better understand energy, think of a song that brings a 'bad' memory.  I am sure you know the music and I am sure you can also remember (generally VERY clearly) the event that song was 'linked' or 'attached' to, and the emotion you felt and feel when hearing that tune or song.

Now do the same with a song that makes you 'feel good'.  Think about the events and emotions YOU linked or attached to that song, to create positive or neutral energy for you. Every time you hear that tune, you relive that experience of feeling good because that energy can and does REMAIN with you, as well as in the area or place where you  first 'EXPERIENCED' your emotion AND also where you 'RELIVE' that experience.



Clearing negative residue energy is necessary to balance and 'create peace' in the atmosphere and make it feel more wholesome and welcoming.

Clearing of energies from previous experiences, 'occupants' or occurrences is important because one is not necessarily aware of any possible negative energy attached to any place or premises. Residue energies can remain in the 'premises' very long after occupants have left. Think of battle fields, where the negative residue energy can affect the premises visitors and nearby people negatively for long after the battle occurred.

Mrs SP's story is a great way to illustrate the 'clinging' effect of negative residue energy.

I was recently contacted by Mrs SP who enquired about a home clearing as her and her family were held up by 4 armed men while the family were having dinner one Friday evening. Even though the family were unharmed, electronic good and jewellery were stolen at gunpoint. Mrs SP was clearly distressed and required reassuring that it's unlikely the armed men would return to attack her and her family, especially as they were caught by police shortly after this incident.

When I met Mrs SP at her home, I requested that she refrain from giving me any details about the incident as I didn't want her experience and details to influence me or my intuition, or my picking up of any energy and asked her to take me around her home, room by room, and remain with me for the duration of the walk. While walking around, I sensed a strong presence of the 'remaining energy', the residue energy of the perpetrators at the hallway near the entrance of her home. While in the main bedroom, I sensed the close 'residue energy' of the perpetrators, in two different locations of the room.

I also felt the negative 'residue energy' of the assailants in two other rooms.  At one point, I sensed a strong presence of the leader of the group. I could accurately describe what this man looked like, the clothes that he wore and what his intentions were while the attack took place. All of this from the remaining, 'residue energy' that was left behind some two weeks after the event.

Mrs SP confirmed that what I had told her was 'spot on'. I then got Mrs SP to assist me with the clearing of her home as I believe it is important for my clients to part-take in the process of replacing the negative, heavy energy with positive light energy. After all, it is their home and their energy has to be balanced and restored to their living space in order to enhance their sense of peace and security in their own living space.

By the time I left, Mrs SP was already feeling 'better', lighter, more empowered, positive and energetic.

A week later, when I spoke to Mrs SP, she confirmed that she felt a huge shift of energy in her home. She did mention she was still struggling with some anger and wanting her property to be returned to her, but she felt better and the energy at her home and around her was substantially improved.

The work that I do as a Healer and Social Worker can sometimes be difficult to separate as they feed into each other. The art of spiritual healing sometimes requires a certain amount of counselling just as when professional counselling takes place, a certain amount of intuition is required to guide the professional working with any client.

If you've suffered any traumatic event, a hi-jacking, been mugged, assaulted or robbed in your home or workplace, it is very important to seek professional counselling and debriefing in order to come to terms with the event and rebuild your confidence and self esteem. A personal home and work clearing is also beneficial and can assist to elevate your energy and enhance the benefits of the counselling. A space clearing also has the added benefit of creating or restoring peace of mind and control.

A clearing is important to remove negative residue energy and to create and restore peace of mind, and also to restore balance and harmony in ones life. A clearing specialist will come to your premises where we could balance the energy and also identify if or where any stagnant residue energy resides.  The intention of the energy 'clearing' is to improve the energy around the person, premises or property by clearing any left over energy and infusing the space with clear, clean and more 'alive', flowing, positive energy.  The new infused energy is intended to enable one to feel  'in balance'  and more 'comfortable', secure, and at ease on the premises. In other words, a professional home clearing can be seen as positive insurance for ones peace of mind.

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